The Library will remain open from 08.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. on all working days. Every Sunday and 2nd Saturday it will remain open from 09.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m.

The following persons are entitled to make use of the books, journals, magazines etc., within the Library premises:

  • Members of the authorities of the University and members of Committees and various Bodies appointee by the University authorities. Faculty members of the Mangalayatan University.
  • The University employees.
  • Students of the University departments holding identity cards.
  • Other persons with the special permission of the Chairman of the Library Committee or the Librarian.
  • Alumnae, Corporate and Institutional
  • Reader’s Ticket will be issued to the non permanent user by the Librarian on an application to be made in the prescribed form. The Reader’s Ticket will be valid for one academic year only and may be cancelled in the middle of the year by the Chairman of the Library Committee on the recommendations of the Librarian in case of infringement of any of the Library Rules or for misconduct.

    Every student shall be required to show, while entering the Library, the Identity card to the Guard at the Security Counter and write his / her name and the Identity Card number in the Entry Register provided for the purpose. On demand by the Library staff, the student is required to show the Identity Card.

    Use of Reading Materials

    • Every person taking a book out of the Library and every reader using a book within the Library shall be responsible for its safe custody and return, undamaged in any manner, and in the event of its being lost or damaged (including pencil or ink markings) he shall either replace the book or pay the compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian.
    • A new book shall not, normally, be issued from the Library during the first week after it has been classified and catalogued.
    • Every periodical publication shall be displayed till the receipt of the next number and shall not normally be taken out of the Library.
    • Manuscripts will be issued for reference purpose in the Library only with the special permission of the Chairman of the Library Committee / Librarian.
    • Readers shall not write on, or damage, or turn down the leaves or make any mark on any book, manuscript or map belonging to the Library; nor shall they lay the paper on which they are writing on a book, manuscript or map etc. belonging to the Library.
    • Any reader noticing a defect in or damage to any book or manuscript in the Library should bring it to the notice of the Librarian or the Assistant Librarian on duty.
    • No tracing, copying or mechanical reproduction of any book, map or manuscript shall be done.

    Issue of Reading Materials:

    • Any book, forming a part of the “Text Book collection”, “Reference Collection”, or any book valuable for its rarity or its illustration or any manuscripts, or theses, shall not be borrowed from the Library by any readers, except with the permission of the Chairman of the Library Committee / Librarian.


    • Any reader desirous of making an excerpt from a thesis or a manuscript (in possession of the Library) may do so with prior permission of the Librarian and should acknowledge the same in his publication.
    • Non-book material like maps, atlases, records, cassettes etc. will not be issued outside of the Library.
    • Only one book shall be issued against a single Borrower’s card.
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