The Central Library is located at ‘Saraswati’ block. Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, represents the free flow of wisdom and consciousness. The library occupies a place of pride in Mangalayatan University and is an essential component of the Institute’s outstanding research and education mission. It serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting teaching, learning, scholarship and research activities of the Institute. It is the most lively place on the campus providing a conducive environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge and promotes discovery and scholarship. The pleasant ambience and the well-furnished library with spacious reading rooms create an atmosphere of serenity and thereby inspire intellectual stimulation and research.



The Central library is the intellectual heart of Mangalayatan University. It aspires for excellence in support for the learning, teaching and research mission of the university with an aim:

1) To evolve an ICT-driven world class academic and research library serving as an access point institution to global information resources and services in all subject fields.

2) To create a Heritage Library consisting of conventional and digital resources of all published work of Mangalayatan University Scholars.

3) To develop an institutional repository to archive and disseminate the University's research output facilitating the scholarly communication globally.

4) To provide the most user-friendly environment for teaching, learning and research so that the University Library becomes the centre-piece of scholarly activities in the University system.

5) To offer information services that are user-centered and instrumental to the advancement of teaching, learning, research and scholarship.

6) To collaborate with faculty members in the common enterprise of knowledge generation, organization, preservation, and effective dissemination.

7) To develop effective linkage mechanisms that enables the Library's clientele to access information in other knowledge institutions both locally and internationally.


The library aims to empower the teaching mission and intellectual culture of the University community through availability of an organized collection of information, as well as instruction in its access, relevance and evaluation. It seeks to nurture the budding scholars to instil confidence in dealing with increasing amount of information in an ever-changing array of formats. The mission of the University Library is to enrich and advance learning and discovery by providing access to a broad array of resources for education, research and creative work to ensure the rich interchange of ideas in the pursuit of knowledge.


1) To render excellent services of various types in tune with the user needs and aspirations.

2) To develop a comprehensive and balanced collection of print and digital information resources related to educational & research programs.

3) To be accessible and responsive to its clientele by proactively trying to understand and anticipate requirements.

4) To inculcate information awareness among library users through the preparation of information services and instructional programs.

5) To inculcate information awareness among library users through the preparation of information services and instructional programs.

6) To establish and develop relation of communication and cooperation with other information institutions, at local, regional and international level.

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